Why Industrial Lengths?

Industrial Lengths Hair Extensions use an invisible, easy to apply, tape-in system. Clients will achieve the look they have always desired while simultaneously thickening/ lengthening hair and restoring life to their natural hair.

Our method ensures full support with complete flexibility, causing no tension breakage or drag, promotes healthy hair and requires no heat for application or removal. Industrial Lengths uses 100% Remy human hair; meaning that the hair is individually selected and aligned in a unidirectional fashion to preserve the cuticles and keep them in tact. Our hair is never stripped, creates healthy, beautiful hair lasting for up to 3 months if maintained properly. Hair extensions are available in 14 shades, delivered with a standard length of 18-22in. and can be ordered in straight and wavy.



Other brands use bonding, knotting, weaving or welding which cause serious strain to the hair; Industrial Lengths Hair Extensions are applied to the clients natural growth pattern and easily form to the specific head shape for the utmost superiority on the market. Industrial Lengths will immensely cut down on application and removal times with guaranteed quality in order to let your business boom!



  • Fastest application available
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Completely undetectable
  • No tension breakage
  • No heat or tools required
  • Flexible and smooth at bond



Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Lengths

Q Will Industrial Lengths damage or break my hair in any way?

A The extensions will take the brunt of wear and tear from everyday styling to promote and protect the integrity of the hair while allowing the natural hair to flourish.


Q How long is the application and removal process for extensions?

A Approximately 1 hour to apply, approximately 1 hour to remove.


Q What type of hair does Industrial Lengths use?

A Industrial Lengths uses 100% Remy human hair. Remy means our hair is individually selected and aligned in a unidirectional fashion to preserve the cuticle and keep them intact. Hair is never stripped.


Q How long does the hair wear?

A Hair Extensions will wear up to 3 months depending on hair growth, if maintained properly.